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Terminologia, localizzazione, traduzione e altre considerazioni linguistiche

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Run The Edge and Run the Year have caused me all kinds of issues! Instead of enjoying lazy weekends, I now feel compelled to be more active and find myself running races. I now have difficulty finding even the slightest bit of time to be lazy because I'm too busy meeting mileage goals. Instead of ``vegging`` on the couch I now find myself engaged in meaningful online discussions about running shoes, heart rates, upcoming races, PRs, compression socks, and a myriad of other running-related topics. I have surely disappointed the junk food manufacturers because my junk food intake has so significantly decreased. And the final ``issue`` is that I am at a total loss for words because I cannot describe how wonderful it is to find myself surrounded by so many supportive people, many of whom are now among my closest of friends. Yes, Run the Edge and Run the Year have caused me numerous issues! And I love them for it!!!
Lisa McNair
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No spam here. Just helpful tips to keep you moving.

PIKOLINOS Jerez 578-7399 Pelle Comodo Scarpe da donna in Slip-On npyckh4866-scarpe nuove

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As a lover of small businesses I’ve always found it very authentic and comforting to hear from a company on a regular basis with details about what’s going on. What are they up to? What’s the deal with that website change? How many cats do you have in the office? Whether it comes from the founder, the CEO or a marketing wizard, inquiring minds want to know.

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Divorce, bankruptcy, homelessness, and countless other obstacles tried to get in her way. But through it all she ran. Marilyn Simmons Bowe ran to stay sane; to stay focused as she refused to give up on her dreams. She ran all the way to earning her PhD, starting her own company, publishing two books, and inspiring thousands along the way.

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You did it! You signed up for your First. Race. Ever. You’ve committed to the program and will actually be training for your first race. From a sport psychologist's perspective (that’s me), you’ve mentally taken the hardest step of the whole process - making the decision and committing to do something totally new and out of your comfort zone!